DIMIN Image Viewer 2

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You may use it for image browsing using List, Thumbnails View or simply from Windows Explorer. You may use it for presentations with slideshow or smooth transition. There are some filters for image editing. Plug-in structure is very simple and there's SDK in C++ and Delphi. Image processing students may use it to create and test their own filters. Full Screen Preview - Stretching Image. Thumbnails view Slide Show (MovieLoop) : Normal or Smooth Transition - This could be used for presentations. Drag&Drop File Support File Types Association Image modifications (Filters): Convert colors, Resize, Rotate, Blur, Find Edges ... Accepts Plugins with Filters (there's SDK for C++Builder and Delphi) Instances control Print Stretching Image Get files directly from HTTP server using URL. Dockable File List. *Thumbnails HTML creation - needs HTMLDirCreate to create thumbnails HTML. The accepted image formats are : bmp, bw, cel, cut, dat, dib, eps, fax, gif, icb, jfif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, pbm, pcd, pdd, pgm pic, png, ppm, psd, psp, raw, rgb, rgba, rla, rle, rpf, sgi, tga, tif, tiff, vda, vst, win.


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