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CammyPlus - The Digital Camera Photo ToolPlug in your digital camera and immediately copy your photos to your PC, display the pictures in full screen, and rapidly edit with ease - CammyPlus is a program you won't want to miss anymore. It's fun to work with the user-friendly interface providing the best possible overview of your photos in full screen even in thumbnail view.- Copy photos from the digital camera to the PC- Automatically rename using EXIF information, e.g. date and time in the filename- Target folder located in a base folder freely selectable- Folder name with current date via mouse click- Backup and restore originals- Thumbnail view with freely selectable tiling in full screen- Display a statusbar with the current photo's path and filename- Three independent markers for photos: red, green and blue. Mark multiple pictures with different colors and edit them in one go- Display image operations dialog with the right mouse button- Lossless JPEG operations o Rotate left/right 90° and 180° o Mirror horizontally and vertically- Delete photos- View and edit a photo in full screen via double click- Leaf through the photos in thumbnail and single photo view- Image processing functions o Brightness o Contrast o Sharpness* o Gamma correction o Saturation o Grayscale o Negative image- Photo functions o Crop to photo formats (7x10, 9x13, 10x15, 13x18, 18x24, 20x30) o Free cropping o Noise reduction* o Red eye reduction* o Resizing, optionally keeping aspect ratio (resizing without distortion)- HTML photo album for your web page o Title o Tiling freely selectable for thumbnails and photos o Size of thumbnails and photos freely selectable- eMail functions* o Send photos via eMail* o Packet function*: fit multiple photos to a specified size by automatically changing the resolution and JPEG quality, then create a ZIP archive for easy shipping* not yet available


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