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PHOTO SLIDE SHOW lets you organize your photos into "Photo Albums", and let you enjoy the photo show in no time. You don't have to pick the photos up one by one. Just point out the directories where the photos are located. Then you can throw the photos into various "Photo Albums". You can create as many "Photo Albums" as you like. Once photos are organized into "Photo Albums", you can sit back and enjoy the photo show. You can control the show automatically by set time interval you specify, or control manually with click of mouse. Or you can switch back and forth at will. You can also view the show at "screen saver mode" where you see the photos continuously. After organizing the photos into albums, you can refine photos and albums at your leisure. You can add titles and remarks to the photos and albums. Be creative by use of various font, font sizes, colors, and location of the titles in the photo. You can even select the background frame for the remarks. Then you can specify the sequence of photos appearing in the show. Also, your favorite photos can appear on multiple albums. For limited time only, " It's now or never, tomorrow will be too late", this software is available Free of Charge.


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