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Uses Microsoft's Agent technology to bring an animated character to your desktop to perform specified tasks for you. MyAgent was developed to let you decide what you want 'Your Character' to do for you. You can have MyAgent check an unlimited number of pop3 email accounts to see if you have any new mail. The Agent you have chosen will then use voice/speech technology to verbally announce to you the results of the mail check. Whether you connect to the Internet through a modem, directly across a network or a proxy MyAgent will check your mail. My Agent also has a scheduler that enables you to enter reminders. You can place those important meetings or your favorite TV shows into the scheduler and your character will remind you verbally of those events on the day they are scheduled. You can select the frequency of the reminders and MyAgent will automatically delete them once they are past their appointed time. You can also have MyAgent say the time at specified intervals. This is great when you need to know if it's time to leave the office for the day. If you download the voice recognition module MyAgent allows you to set up your programs and files to start from voice commands. The best part is, you decide what commands you want to use. MyAgent also comes with a dozen pre-installed commands. Just think when you get home in the evening you can say to your computer: 'Check the email' and the next thing you know your computer is saying you have 8 new messages at There is also a screen to allow you to associate web sites with voice commands. Now all your favorites are just a simple voice command away. All this and more.


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