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Information you need to manage are self-generated, but you can also receive information that is in larger chunks and come from other sources. An user may need to index or organize larger chunks of text or files such as memos, reports, messages, news stories, images, the web (very large source), or files (documents and programs). It is useful to add some descriptive text to a file that you down loaded. To cope with the task of organizing files and notes, you group them, and save into nodes in a tree view. You may be unaware of the volume of information you manage on a regular basis. You may be using a variety of mechanisms to store collected information which include aids as note cards, yellow sticky notes, piece of paper store in your pocket or hand bag, and lists on paper that are re copied on a regular basis. In general, personal information is too ad hoc and poorly structured to warrant putting it into a record-oriented on-line database. Why delete files, or storing them on removable media if you want to use it in the future or near future. Save the file in memtree to obtain more free space on your hard drive. Why saving an extra text file to keep notes about a file that you saved on you hard drive. With memtree you can attach a note to the file and view it with all other properties of the file. You can also do searches on this notes. If the note contains the search term this file will show up in the search results screen. To locate the file just double click on the item in the search results screen. The problem with linking files, is that you can accidentally delete a file from your hard disk without knowing that the file was linked to a program. To keep your files save, they will be save in the applications data files. When you need the file, you can save it to a new location, or you can run it from within the application. When it is a data file, like a word document, or a spreadsheet, or an image, it can also be opened within the Memtree application.

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