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IeToolbox is an incredibly useful set of tools designed to optimize your daily Internet use. IeToolbox is a fully integrated plug-in for Internet Explorer. We looked at what people do most often while web browsing, and came up with a "most needed features" checklist. IeToolbox feature highlights: - Passwords Manager - Notes keeper - Form filler - 12 Month Calendar - File Viewer - webpages, graphic, PDF files and Microsoft Office Docs - Zip File Viewer - view webpages, graphic files and Office Docs without extracting. Also extract files from Zip archives directly from within IE using our amazing ZipView technology [more info...]. - Graphic File Viewer - view an entire folder's graphic files all at once. Why bother opening files one at at time when you can see them all at once in a generated webpage. - QuickLinks toolbar - More intuitive Internet Favorites interface (treeview) with full searching ability - Works with WebCloner - download & save websites for offline viewing [more info...] More features: IeToolbox is well-behaved: NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE IeToolbox is Unobtrusive: hides-away neatly and no annoying "in your face" popup windows IeToolbox is Secure: protect your passwords and notes with strong encryption Works on all Windows 95-XP versions with Internet Explorer 4 and higher. Its an Explorer Bar IeToolbox is an Explorer Bar, just like the Internet Explorer Search and Favorites sidebars. It is NOT a horizontal toolbar that takes up valuable screen space. Like the Search and Favorites sidebars, IeToolbox opens up from the left and hides-away when not needed by clicking its toolbar button. The screenshot above shows the IeToolbox button on the right. Right shows IeToolbox opened up to the Favorites tab. With IeToolbox, there is no need to open another program to access the data you need while working with the Internet.


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