Family Data

Information Management
Alarms and Reminders


Family Data is a program that stores data about your family, friends, co-workers, etc. Each record has a field for an event such as birthday, anniversary, death, religious event, etc., or anything you want. In addition each record has a field for phone number, fax number, cell phone number, e-mail address, web site and there is even a field for notes that can store information such as clothes sizes, favorite colors, etc. you name it. Never miss another event again, because Family Data reminds you of the upcoming event. Each time the program is started it searches the database of events, if there is one in the current month it will be displayed. You may also look a month ahead or behind. Big family, no problem, there is a search feature for finding a single record. There is a filter feature for sorting records by certain criteria. Print two different types of reports. Has features such as Backup and restore tables, repair damaged tables, create new tables, grid view and event reminder. Phone dialer, launch default email. Launch default browser. Manipulate graphics. Can be registered on-line with a credit card.


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