Information Management
Alarms and Reminders
  • Developer: Mehmet Iyigun
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  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 1.92 MB
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A personal scheduler for Windows 9X/NT. It lets the user schedule events anytime in the future and when the time comes, Alarm carries out the action associated with that event. There are several possible actions that can be associated with each event: Playing a wave file n times, saying the time, playing CD tracks, sending email and playing a file. Alarm 3.0 also has a recurrence feature, so that you can set alarms for say 'at 3:30 on every third Monday ofFebruary until the end of this year.' This feature enables the user to schedule his regular appointments. Alarm solves the problem of having to remember all of your appointments and more. Therefore everybody who needs to keep track of regular events can use it.


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