TeKnowMagic's Sokoban



One more addition to the list of games for Pocket PC on this site. Now this sokoban game will help you spent some free time. You have 10 levels to beat! Try it now! Is easy, you just need to put the wooden boxes on the circles spaces. Just one catch... your little buddy on the screen can only PUSH boxes, he can't pull them. So be careful, if you put a box in a corner, or against a wall, you might not be able to move it forever. But... you have and "undo" feature on the game, of course, one move only... :) The game is easy to play; you can use the cursor/arrow keys on the PDA or use the buttons below the terrain. Each time you win a level, a password is given to you, and you can use that password to start again from that level. So you don't have to play from level 1 every the time. Menu options will let you reset the game and also set sounds on/off. This game is based on .NET Compact Framework 2.0, so you need to install that before using the game. CF 2.0 comes with windows mobile 5.0, but you can install it on Pocket PC 2003 SE and newer devices.


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