Scavenger Hunt Clues Riddle Me



Treasure Hunt clue software Riddle Me instantly generates a printable riddle hunt game with clues. With almost 5,000 age-specific riddles on over 400 objects found in and around your home, you get instant fun and huge replay value. Perfect for Easter Egg hunts, birthday parties, Halloween scavenger hunts, pirate treasure hunts, rainy days, and more. Features: Nearly 5,000 age-specific riddles (3 to adult) Over 400 locations to seek 55 clue backgrounds or import your own Print invitations Print thank you notes Customize a hunt with your own clues 8 different scavenger hunt list games (nature scavenger hunts, digital photo scavenger hunts, service project scavenger hunts, home safety scavenger hunts, regular object hunts, food drive hunts, and travel hunts with special bingo sheet printout mode to keep kids busy and occupied when you're driving in the car) Perfect for families, youth groups, family home evening activities, and bored kids. Windows/Mac compatible 60-day money back guarantee.


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