Orbs of Fire



This is a very interesting game with cool graphics and sound. The goal is easy. You move an orbs around the table, trying to connect a group of five or more of the same colour in a row/column/diagonal. By doing so, they explode, bringing you the score. To make the game more interesting, whenever you move an orb without destroying the group, three new orbs appear randomly on the table. You are to try to get as more score as possible, without letting the table to be full of orbs. The game has some advanced features: Launch can be used to fly the orb to the place you'd like to put it to, in the case the path on the land is blocked. Joker can replace any other orb. It can even be used to burn two different-coloured groups at the same time! Combo scoring allows you to get enormusly bigger score by connecting groups of orbs one after another, smaller to bigger groups. "Launch" can be earned this way, by connecting four groups one-after-another.


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