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Well over 100 card games (solitaire, contemporary, casino, kid's); Save and load game state in mid-gameplay; Full, elegant, in-game rules for each game; Statistics for each game; Customizable graphics and sounds - just drag and drop graphic and sound files; Easy mode for those who like to bend the rules a little; Intelligent auto-play mode - only auto-plays to foundation when card no longer aids in strategy; You can throw cards towards their destination (with rebound effect); You can single-click cards to auto-play them; You can hold the shift key, or caps-lock, to hilite movable cards; You can even pick up unplayable cards to get a better look underneath; Unlimited undo/redo; Plays in any monitor size, and gives you big and lush high detail, even on big monitors; Scales according to window size, including full screen (Maximized); Special effects, such as shadows and trails.

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