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Game Pack is a collection of 8 classical board games; which are a substantial merriment to play, with Bouncy music, Cool 'n' catchy graphics, Well developed exciting game play at Affordable low price. There are 8 games in this game pack: Alter All - An uncomplicated game with brain teasing element and catchy colors. BeGem - A straight and funky game in the company of attractive artwork Diamonds - A worth playing game with a well developed game play Freedo Shapes - A trouble-free game among beautiful graphics Kido Shuffler - An adorable mystery game; with a vivacious theme Snake Sweeper - A colorful way of playing a known game; “Minesweeper” Tetragon - A modern version of classic Tetris game Tetragon 2 - A clone of Tetragon classic with some additional figures Every game is lean enough to be played in short breaks while at work/office. It targets almost every age group of players. The basic intrinsic of this game pack is that it provokes the competitive sense of the user by providing the facility of local and Online High Ranks Uploading which facilitates users to compete 'n' contend internationally. The main objective is to provide a worth gazing product with a brain teasing festivity of thrill, excitement and achievement to all. We are keenly looking forward for your names to be highlighted in the prestigious, splendid and glorious High Ranks List including your worthy comments too...

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