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Dweep is a new real-time interactive puzzle game for Windows. The goal of the game is to guide a humorous furry creature named Dweep through a series of thirty challenging logic puzzles. Every level is laid out with obstacles and useful items such as mirrors, wrenches, fans, and water buckets. You command Dweep to collect special items, which can be used to alter the environment to make it safe for Dweep to pass. Dweep's environment is highly interactive, and you can manipulate every object in multiple ways. Each level introduces a new skill to master, and many levels have multiple solutions. Designed to be fun for all ages, Dweep features an intuitive interface that is simple enough for young children while still providing challenging game play for adults. Dweep makes all thirty levels accessible from a single screen, so you can tackle them in any order. Dexterity Software supports Dweep with free hints and solutions to all levels. Dweep features 65,000-color graphics, pre-rendered 3D art, and whimsical music.

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