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Master your lasso throwing skills at the palm of your hand! - Addictive gameplay You're a cowboy who catches cows, horses, money bags, and bonus prizes with his lasso. However, beware of bombs and cactuses, and don't forget about the time. Are you ready to master throwing skills and become the champion lasso thrower? - Neat graphics and sound The game boasts excellent graphics with smooth animation and quality sound effects. Enjoy picturesque landscapes and funny-sounding animals on your handheld. - Advanced scores table The game's online high scores table allows you to compete with either friends or other players throughout the world. Original gameplay experience Cowboy employs the unique gameplay - you've never seen a game like this before on your Palm! Heap of levels Multitude of game levels will not let you relax. Moreover, each level has several variations every time you play the game. More levels are coming soon! Extra gadgets There are gadgets that may be bought between levels, such as extra ropes, a winch, or a cash register. Such gadgets, though, cost money. Be selective in your money-spending decisions! Play as a girl! No more gender discrimination in games - play as either a cowboy or a cowgirl! One-key control Keeps your PDA case and screen clean and safe. You can play the game with just one finger. No repetitive keypresses! Never stop playing Play Cowboy once, and you will want to play it over and over again to beat your or competitors' record! Got to a high level and failed? No need to replay from the beginning! Now you may start the game after each five levels provided you had completed them. Available on all Palm OS 5 devices All devices running Palm OS 5 and higher with high resolution (320*320) color display are supported.


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