VISOCO Data Protection Master

Backup and Copy Utilities
  • Developer: VISOCO Software
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  • License type: Commercial
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VISOCO Data Protection Master is a tool that will help you increase the safety and accessibility of data from your Sybase ASE database. There are many ways to increase the safety of a database. As a rule, the two most popular methods are: a server cluster, and special software with a simpler hardware solution. In the case of a server cluster, if one of the servers fails, a second cluster of the server keeps working. The advantage of this method is that switching to a reserve server is transparent and no data are lost. A big disadvantage is the high cost of the equipment. A second way is to use a reserve server with the Sybase ASE server installed. On the reserve server, you make a backup copy of the database from the main server, and using the Data Protection Master provide continuous updating in a given interval. * Advantages of the DPM solution: Creating and supporting the actual copy of a DB in real time. Thanks to the synchronization algorithm, if the main server fails, switching to the reserve server is simple and quick. Easily create a transactions dump and a database dump for later copying to reserve media (type, hard or storage). Easily restore data (in case of a failure or incorrect changes) to practically any point in time thanks to storing the history of a dump and a transactions log. Creation of log files for management and auditing. Low requirements on the reserve server hardware. Easy-to-use interface. VISOCO DPM costs from $99.95 only, has flexible prices and does not require any additional royalty fees.

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