Alawar PacMania 2D+

Arcade Style Games


This game turns a favorite classic into a whole new arcade experience filled with fabulous graphics. Creepy characters test your reflexes in a series of challenging mazes. Known as the best Pac-man game ever. The game field represents a isometric maze, on which passes the principal character (Pacman) is gone. Player can move the character in any direction (to the right, to the left, up and downward), if there are free cells. The purpose of the game is to clear the screen of dots while avoiding the nasties. However by eating one of the pulsating energy pills, the roles are reversed for a short time and you can gain points by catching the fleeing monsters. When the screen is cleared you proceed to the next level. Collect goodies that appear every now and then, to gain bonus points and some special effects. Each new level has a new screen. Levels differ in kinds of bonuses and monsters. The aggressiveness and of intellect the monsters increases as well for each screen.

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