Absolute Click



Absolute Click is probably the most relaxing, easy-to-play, and challenging game ever for you and your family. Your fun is guaranteed at home, office or school. You can configure music, sound, themes, pictures and animations at any time. Besides the predefined ones, you can also create new themes and share them with your friends. You get all these features with our 30-day money back guarantee. Absolute Click is a graphical logical clicking and cell dropping game. It is the newest version of the well known "Same Game" with many enhanced and new features. Groups of cells are dropped by clicking on one of the cells in the group. In this way the table flows downwards to the left, until there is no other possible move. The more cells you drop at the same time the more points you get. The aim is to drop the groups of cells in the best order to result in the least number of remaining cells. A group is composed of at least two neighboring cells which are of the same type. Groups can be selected and dropped by left clicking on one of the cells inside. The table flows downward to the left by sliding the remaining cells to the vacant cell positions. Your score is calculated based on the number of different cell types in the table and the number of cells in the dropped groups at each turn. The number of different cell types determines your level in the game. If you leave less than ten cells, at the end of the game you will get some bonus points, depending on your level and the number of remaining cells. Absolute Click allows you to use and change the theme for the cells in the table. You may also create new themes, modify existing ones and share them with friends. Absolute Click comes with 10 well-prepared themes for the cells. You can create new themes, or modify existing themes very easily. Even you can share them with friends. If your computer is not powerful enough, you have the option to use simple colors for your cells.


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