Access Control Utilities


PowerRestrictor will let you take control of what others can and cannot change on you computer. You can restrict access to Windows features such as display settings, network settings, desktop settings, printers, start-up, shutdown, registry, the clock and a lot more. When running PowerRestrictor with password, you are the only one who can access and change the restriction made by PowerRestrictor. Lock your computer when you're gone, If you don't know the password, you can't use it! Keep track on what users are doing. With the activity log you can log all opened and closed programs, visited websites and more. PowerRestrictor contains a self-verifying feature, which prevents users from using other similar programs to change the restrictions set by PowerRestrictor. Take control of your computers settings today. New in version Disable the use of Windows Update Disable Add/Remove programs Disable keyboard and mouse for x seconds on wrong password. Clear the swap-file on shutdown. Password required to uninstall. Works fine with Windows 95 again. Some minor bug fixes.


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