File Cleanup Utilities


CleanUp! let you take control of your diskspace and helps you cover up your tracks. CleanUp! will scan for broken shortcuts, internet cache(IE and Netscape), cookies, temporary files, recycle bin, duplicate files, favorites, unused registry entries, installed programs and more. With CleanUp!s new plugin system, you'll be able to clean virtually any programs history, as well as Windows history. Create your own plugins with the built in plugin editor, or download them from the web. Use the disk snapshot feature to see where other programs put their files on your disks. With the customized scan you can scan and delete what you desire with only one click! CleanUp! also includes an autostart manager which lets you keep track of what programs are started along with Windows and a cookie manager where you can save your "good" cookies. All scan results are presented in easy to understand lists, you should not have to be an expert in computer cleaning to keep your system clean. CleanUp! lets you decide what to do with found items, delete them, send them to the recycle bin or keep them. CleanUp! will never delete anything on its own. CleanUp! is also one of the fastes system cleaners available. Let CleanUp! scan and clean automatically when the computer starts.


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