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The owners of web sites, on which there are forms (for example to send messages, feedback or support) frequently have a problem that they receive a lot of SPAM emails, which were sent via these forms. Specific routines (form spiders) search for such forms in internet, analyze them and then distribute SPAM emails using these forms. To stop the flow of SPAM, it is necessary to change the source code of form. Unfortunately after several days or weeks they will be scaned again and the code should be changed again. And so on. Web Form SPAM Protection is an utility, which protects forms against to be scaned, analysed and used to send SPAM emails. It encodes source code of form, so that form spiders can't work with it and can't use it to distribute SPAM emails. Web Form SPAM Protection can work both with HTML documents (they can be located in internet or on the local computer) and with separate source code of form, which can be insert manually. SPAM Protection software has been designed with simplicity in mind. It requires no PHP or ASP support, and you don't even need to have any programming knowledge or skills. The only thing you need to do is to select the web form code in the program's window and then press the "Protect" button. It's that simple! The code will be encrypted automatically. Features: - source code can be insert manually - HTML documents with forms can be located on local computer or in internet - source code can be edit befor it will be protect - multiple forms can be encrypted at once - very good protection against automatically scanning by form spiders - form code will be marked with green color; so you can easily find it to edit - user friendly interface


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