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WhiteSmoke Enrichment software performs, for the first time in language software history, sentence processing as opposed to word-by-word processing. This innovative, patent-pending technology is designed for both native and non-native English speakers to optimize their English writing. By successfully 'understanding' context, WhiteSmoke Enrichment can optimize any sentence or text without changing its meaning. For example, the sentence 'I am happy with your work' may be upgraded to 'I am completely thrilled with your outstanding achievement,' or any other agreeable combination. The program also offers a unique Suggested Phrase feature. For example, the word 'risk' may be replaced by the phrase 'walking on thin ice'. After completing a sentence, a user will click on the WhiteSmoke Enrichment icon placed on the toolbar. After clicking the icon, users will then have the freedom to choose between a variety of word enrichments, word replacements and phrases to upgrade their written English. A complex algorithm developed by top experts in the natural language processing and linguistic research field enables the enhancement of a user's simple sentence into a more professional, sophisticated version. WhiteSmoke computerized text enrichment is an online, automatic service. The program's database is equipped with various trade-specific profiles such as commercial, medical, legal and literary. This advanced, user-friendly technology functions as a toolbar add-on to Word Processor and Email programs.

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