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Your "Personal Secretary": When you create your FREE Interactive Spambar account it becomes your personal secretary, checking your mail and sorting it into various categories. No Download : Works with your existing email setup. Prevent Spam and Viruses: Known Spam and Viruses can be automatically removed...Only Email from known friends and contacts is delivered to your INBOX. State of The Art Technology: Collect your mail with Outlook Express, Netscape etc...with PCs or MACs. Set Up In Seconds: Mail from known SPAMMERS or with known SPAM or Virus subjects is identified and held pending your decision or automatically removed. You Are In Control: Mail that looks genuine, but from unknown senders, is held while SPAMBAR writes to the sender asking them to confirm they are real people. If they reply, SPAMBAR passes the mail to your INBOX. No Hassle: No mail is ever deleted without you knowing!


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