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Most MS Outlook users often face the problem of finding particular information within messages. Basic Outlook functionality supports quoting levels, which mark text using quoting symbols "<", "|", ":", etc. But built-in marking tools require a lot of time and attention to find certain replies and remarks. This is a complicated task because you need to analyze large message fragments while searching and pick out required text, often by counting quoting symbols. Because of this, the point of a message is lost and important details are often missed. Another problem is that standard MS Outlook message headers are automatically added to the message text. This overloads messages with redundant information and complicates message reading. Outlook Advanced Quoting Add-In solves all problems mentioned above and makes the reading of large messages with various quoting levels significantly easier. Add-In highlights quoting levels with different colors and/or color gradations. Color highlights allow you to easily distinguish quoting levels, separating the latest remarks from early one. Outlook Advanced Quoting Add-In also allows you to change the standard message headers format to a user defined format.

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