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Kwaga BirdsEye recognizes emails that matter and alerts the email recipient: - when the recipient receives an email that asks for something or requests a meeting, - when the recipient receives an email with a reply to an important email, - the desktop application works whether or not the user has connected to his/her email Inboxes, Kwaga BirdsEye fits exisiting work habits: - it works with both English and French language messages, - Gmail & Google Apps, and Yahoo mail & multi-account (up to 5 in the free version), - Kwaga BirdsEye automatically detects and prioritizes the people the recipient has already communicated with in the past (aka "trusted sources"), Kwaga BirdsEye is configurable: - installs anywhere (MacOS, Windows, Linux), - user activates notifier & sound, - user manually specifies his/her white list (VIPs)


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