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Customer service on the Net has become as important as never before. Increasing competition for customer eyeballs, more demanding customers and the importance of attracting repeat business by building strong relationships with current customers makes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) an online/offline business imperative.JCourier 2000 is a tool that automates customer service processes and e-marketing with the most widely used communication medium - Email. It allows you to respond to customer queries on time, every time. It saves time and effort in sending out bulk mails such as newsletters and marketing collateral. It also enables you to keep in touch with customer queries and feedback from any email account. JCourier 2000 does all of this and more with a user -friendly interface for installation and use.JCourier 2000 is a pure JAVATM based application and can run on any platform, works with any mail server and any database.

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