CyberSecretary for Microsoft Outlook 2000

MS Office Add-ins


CyberSecretary is a virtual office assistant, designed for users of Microsoft Outlook 2000. CyberSecretary works with Outlook e-mail, contacts, appointments, journal and more. Your CyberSecretary can announce incoming mail; print and file outgoing mail and set follow-up reminders; announce appointments; record phone messages; track expenses; and more. If you have an Internet connection, your CyberSecretary can get stock prices and street maps. Launch programs, documents or web sites on demand or on schedule. Your CyberSecretary puts the 'personal' in 'personal information manager,' and the 'face' in 'user interface.' Your Word and Excel macros can also use your CyberSecretary to make tough tasks trivial. NEW: Greater power and flexibility in handling scheduled tasks; enhanced customization.


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