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Flow Ruler for Outlook The complete solution for your inbox. Flow Ruler allows you to automatically organize your inbox, eliminate spam, administrate contacts and appointments, and assign tasks through simple Rules which are graphically designed. Flow Ruler for Outlook is an Add In for MS Outlook® that expands the possibility of configuring and executing rules in your Inbox and in the other folders as well. MS Outlook® allows the setting of rules only for the Inbox and it is restricted to received and sent messages. With Flow Ruler for Outlook, you will be able to set rules for: • Received, sent, and removed messages. • New, updated, or removed contacts. • New, updated, or removed appointments or meetings. • New, updated, or removed tasks or shared tasks. Most of the rules provided by MS Outlook® allow you to copy, move, print, or remove messages. With Flow Ruler for Outlook you can also: • Eliminate spam and junk mail, using filters and word lists that are easy to configure. • Organize the Inbox, allowing the definition of different rules when a new email is received, for example, move the selected email to a specified folder, answer automatically, generate a contact, generate an appointment, zip attachments, etc. • Save or zip messages and attachments automatically when a new email is received. • Administrate contacts, eliminating their duplication, allowing the automatic creation of undesired contact lists, etc. • Automatically generate appointments, as soon as a specific new email is received.


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