onSign (for Microsoft Outlook 98 & 2000)

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Personalizing your electronic communications just got easier. With onSign 2.0 for Microsoft Outlook 98 and 2000, you can now securely apply your personal, handwritten signature to your email messages. Whether you're signing an email to a friend, a note to a family member or an important piece of business correspondence, you now have the ability to add apersonal touch to your messages. All it takes is one click to bind your personal signature to an email message. onSign uses industry standards like RSA and Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA) to bind your signature to the text of the message, making your signature invalid if even one character in the message is changed. Your signature cannot be copied, removed or altered, giving you the freedom to express your identity in your electronic communications.Download onSign 2.0 BETA and make your email messagesa little more personal.


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