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i-sense r2 Enterprise Edition represents the next generation of enterprise groupware systems. Within a web-based platform, you can manage all processes of your company in one single tool. The i-sense framework offers you a lot of advantages: Groupware (web-based email, task management, group calendar, file management and much more) CRM - Customer Relationship Management (optional) ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning (optional) On-Demand Clear design Interaction-centered architecture Easy integration Cutting-edge technology Flexible deployment i-sense is based on the concept of achieving the highest efficiency gains through a systematic utilisation of synergy effects between various functions. Thereby, all aspects of a company are combined in one single tool. The basic principles of i-sense are: modularity, platform-independency, simplicity, multi-language support, flexibility and extensibility. i-sense r2 Enterprise Edition helps your organization to work seamlessly together in one integrated groupware environment. i-sense r2.ee is based on a simple pay-per-use subscription system where you only pay a monthly fee per user. In addition, i-sense can be modified and extended flexibly via www.nextgroupware.com. Thereby, you gain total control and long-term flexibility for your IT-budget. To have access to the full functionality a registration under www.nextgroupware.com is necessary. To get started, the Community Edition and the Start-Up Edition are available for free.

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