Workgroup Management Tools


The first 'OOD' (object oriented data) database, with core workflow modules. Now with drag & drop, full online help, installation wizard, import wizard, copy to clipboard and more! Complete information management using 'OOD' data objects with data inheritance (we invented OOD); Take integrated telephone messages using the E-MSG! electronic telephone pad with e-mail messages; The E-MSG! electronic telephone pad is the 'front-end' for your core database (every time a person calls, your core database is updated); Electronically track the in/out status of your staff and create automated integrated 'find-me' exceptions; Business teams can deposit automated messages to potential callers to coordinate activities; Track your library books, files, documents and clients/customers; Computer-generated automated e-mail notices for to-do items, which can be sent over the Internet to clients/customers; Send automatedintegrated mass electronic mailings with a touch of a button. Brand new! There's nothing like it!


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