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Chronilist will handle not only your busy itinerary, but that of everyone in your office. A convenient phonebook and many unique scheduling features make this a no-nonsense, get-down-to-business program. It will prepare calendars and other reports that display one person's upcoming events or those for several people simultaneously. Data can be filtered when a report is generated, so that only events for a particular project (or other criteria) will be displayed. Chronilist will optionally drag events forward from day to day until completed. Related events may be linked, so that a change to one will result in the automatic modification of others. Finding free time, establishing recurring events, and viewing religious dates (Christian, Jewish, and Muslim) are a snap. Automatically checks for scheduling conflicts. And there's much, much more, including the ability to track money spent, money received, and time spent doing things, all with full reporting features. Runs on single PC or network.

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