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Wordtrainer is a computer program developed to make it possible to learn words fast and easy. You write the words in the program and than you can practise them many times. The program can also be used by teachers to print lists to the students. The words are saved in specially lists so you can practise them many times, which is good if you for example have the same words on a test. Than you have all the words in place and don't have to write them again and again on paper. After every practise you get to see the result (number of right and wrong answers) and the ability to practise more on misspelled words. The program supports special characters. That means that you can use special characters from other languages even if you don't have them on your keyboard. For example if you write German words than you would like to write Ü. With Wordtrainer you do it easly by pressing the key F5, and the character appears just like it was on the keyboard. You can self select what characters that it should be. The program has also support for synonyms. That means that if you have a word that has more then one mening you just separate them with a commasign (,). To make the practise a litle bit more fun, you can select a sound file that plays on right or wrong answer when you practise. It is also possible to print the list on the printer. There is also many options here. For example, you can choose to print only the foreign words or the translations. That could be usefull for teachers who want's to print tests to the students. That was some of the functions in Wordtrainer, but to get a better picture you should try the shareware-version.


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