Tina POS: Point of sales designed for touch screens.

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Tina POS is a point of sales for retail trades. It supports ESC/POS ticket printers like popular Epson TM 88-II and III, customer displays like Epson DM-D110/210 and barcode scanners for fast article entry. As information support uses estandar database protocol JDBC. By now it supports HSQLSB, MySQL and Postgresql. It is multi-language. At the moment it supports Spanish and English. It is multiuser and the access to the options of the application is role based. There are four different roles to accede to the application: Administrator, Manager, User or Guest. The main window is the application of sales and is focused to touch screens so that to operate neither keyboard nor mouse is needed, being able to be hidden while the sales operations are made. It supports the edition of several sales simultaneously, great edition facilities for the article insertion by means of the numerical tactile keyboard, the product catalogue and the barcode reader. It has administration options to manage users, to configure the application and to change the password of the user of the application. It has management options to make closings, to manage products, the catalogue of products and the product categories. It has reports of products, closings and sales charts. Installation


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