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TeamIntegrator (TI) is a web-based groupware and project management tool for joint project activities, collaboration and communication. TI is the best solution for companies with mobile employees. Why TeamIntegrator is better than other groupware tools? TeamIntegrator offers the following advantages: - Web and mobile access: support of web-client (normal PC + Internet Explorer) and all mobile devices (mobile phone, BlackBerry, PDA) - Security: stored content is encrypted and transfered data can be protected using SSL - Confidentiality: powerfull and flexible system of user groups and rights - Communication: offline - using TI messages, online - using TI discussion or popups and Notifications - via email or SMS worldwide - Reporting and Statistics: built-in reporting and statistics system is indispensable for work progress monitoring. Where TeamIntegrator can be used? TI is especially efficient for such branches as: - trade companies with a network of mobile sale representatives - educational organizations (dinstant learning) - distributed reseach groups - mobile service staff (pizza delivery, cargo transportation, etc.) - IT companies (software development) - chains of hotels, shops, small companies (virtual central office) What tasks can be solved with TeamIntegrator? TI areas of application are: - coordination of remote and mobile employees (daily reports, statistics, corporate info) - project management (jobs planning, work progress reporting) - time management (personal and shared appointments) - virtual data center (globaly accessible secure information store, file sharing) - real-time communication (web based discussions, sms notifications) - customer support (bug-tracking, ticketing, help desk system)

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