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What is TSL Options Calculator? In short - TSL Options Calculator is a rather complete options calculator. All basic questions about options strategies are answered. What is not answered directly should still be possible to answer by breaking down a complex options strategy into simpler strategies I cannot say for sure what features are found in all the other options calculators, but when checking I am repeatedly disappointed... even for options calculators at $400... by lack of proper analysis and cluttered interface Feature list - Straigthforward to use - Output displays whole picture - Analysis reports for dummies - Black-Scholes, Cox-Ross-Rubenstein + new methods - Most common option strategies - Implied and historic volatility - NEW Implied forward price - NEW Fast computation of historic volatility - Delta, Theta, Vega - Probability of option expiring worthless - Probability of profit - NEW Unconditional profit&loss calculations - Statistical distribution of stock prices - NEW One click overpricing/underpricing analysis - Cost deduction - And more....


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