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Smart-Notes - is a software application that lets you keep important information in sight of you, placing digital sticky notes onto your computer desktop. It can help you to keep in mind important information about different tasks, events and meetings. For free and easy use Smart-Notes has already several color schemes and allows you to create and display as many notes as you want. You can also change colors of title, note, text, etc. A transparency feature makes notes half visible to make it easier for you to use your desktop. The program is easy to manage and contains a lot of additional features that help you to make use of Smart-Notes the most individual. Smart-Notes Program Features. Easy of Use: - Convenient and friendly interface - The program minimized to the System Tray notification area (near the system clock). - Automatically run at Windows startup. Advanced Features: - Setting the look of notes by different color schemes; - Various note types - Sticking notes to screen edge and other notes - Easy getting of required data - Different level of transparency - Transparent look of inactive note.


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