S-MAN Autocad Standards Manager

Document Management Tools


The S-MAN Standards Manager gives you effective classification and documentation of all of your resources, and the ability to evaluate all of your office processes as a fully integrated system. This helps you get past the starting gate by breaking down the complexity and organizing your component objects to make it easier to manage your CAD system, dynamically and on-going.S-MAN is a model system that you can add your CAD standards into, revise, and fine tune for your business requirements. You can copy all of the documents from the S-MAN folder to the office folder where you edit them as you see fit and then insert the printouts in an indexed 'Office Systems' manual supplied with S-MAN. This is your copy that maintains the hardcopy for your current version or draft, if you are implementing a new system from scratch. Through a process of consultation, markup, and revision in partnership with your staff, you can ultimately provide station copies of the system in the 'Office CAD System User's Manual'. These resources along with the StanUtil, Standards Management Utility Pack will quickly facilitate your implementation of a high level, centralized CAD system for your office. The S-MAN system encourages the co-operation of your drafters and senior managers alike, and delivers a well oiled production system that becomes a valuable company asset.


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