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  • Developer: Thorsten Margott
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  • License type: Free
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SERglobalBrain is a powerful and intelligent application that transforms data into relevant, usable knowledge based on an award winning neural network technology. This unique application goes beyond traditional search and retrieval solutions and understands the meaning, content, and context of information, regardless of file format (PDF, Microsoft Office, text, and images files) or source (e-mail inclusive attachements, scanned paper documents, etc.). SERglobalBrain finds relevant answers through natural language, free-form, content-based requests NOT complicated Boolean keyword or phrase searches - with amazing speed and accuracy. In addition, SERglobalBrain provides a classification application that allows you to group files automatically by similar content - without the need to define complex rules.Product features:- Fault tolerant access to data on local hard drive(s) and mapped network drives.- Process of information from a variety of sources including text documents, Microsoft Office files, images, PDF files, and more. - Support for multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, etc.).- Search directly from desktop applications.- Search results include display of document name, type, location, date and relevance score. The user can easily see why documents are returned for a given query through the use of hotspots or text marks.- High performance even when operating against large volumes of documents.- Ability to automate the way you want your documents classified.- Search for e-mails and attachments to e-mails from designated Microsoft Outlook folders.- Optional Scan/OCR function for users who wish to process paper-based or scanned documents.

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