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The Refined Elliott Trader software is the power behind “Today’s Elliottician Calls”, which now has a 12 month history: Average return 193% per trade. Max return: 1,215%. Max loss: 4%. Profitable: 19 out of 20 calls. Forecasts on stocks, commodities, indices and ForEx. Download and trial the software today - and see the results for yourself. The Refined Elliott Trader Financial Market Trading Software Package is designed to improve your profitability when trading financial markets. Traders who have learned to use this FREE software effectively - by completing our online training courses (Certification course US$2995, Real Time course US$995) - can: - Forecast market direction correctly at least 85% of the time - Trade effectively, choosing entry and exit points through application of proprietary technical indicators specific to the Refined Elliott Trader and are able to connect the Refined Elliott Trader software to LIVE streaming data from eSignal and other compatible data providers. This is a major new release of our stock market forecasting software which is based on extensive research into the effective application of Elliott Wave pattern recognition - the effect of crowd behaviour on the stock market. We have analysed millions of Elliott Wave patterns in real market data and have assembled the world's largest database of global patterns. The software uses this pattern database to create charts showing exact probabilities of market direction - showing time and price.


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