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Quick Log keeps a log of the time and cost (or price) of events and keeps running totals of those events. The Event Log and the Hourly Rate are saved to a file of your choice allowing multiple events to be tracked, simultaneously if needs be. Quick Log also comes with a built in calculator, should you need it, to help you calculate the hourly rate. Lots of other uses Use Quick Log to time all sorts of events of importance and keep a log of the events. The sorts of tasks include: Charging for your time Costing the time it takes an employee to perform a task (therefore helping in costing work or a product) Renting an item at so much per hour, Quick Log will tell you how long has elpased and what it has cost to rent. Quick Log will track and log the time taken and the associated cost of virtually any task you can think of. Features: Automatically totals the time and cost (or price) of the events in the Log; Add comments to each individual event Keep logs of different events in different data files; Change the Hourly Rate for individual events in the same data file as required; Edit the Start Time, End Time and Hourly Rate of an Event; Print out the Event Logs; Export an Event Log to Excel or other spreadsheets and databases; Uses "Drag and Drop" to quickly open a data file; Shows the cost (or price) accurate up to 4 decimal places (configurable from 0 to 4 decimal places); Built in calculator to help you calculate the hourly rate; Set your own defaults for new Event Logs; Works anywhere in the world.


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