Procedure Charter Standard



Procedure Charter Standard is a no nonsense advanced flow charter that extends beyond static graphical flow charters. Standard has a simple to use intuitive quick draw pallet and auto placement of figures and lines. Standard includes a detailed description and who does what for each figure and other necessary procedural information. This means you can generate a procedure DIRECT from the chart and keep all links, sub process information and general information together...Say goodbye to separate flowchart and word processing packages where nothing ever synchronizes with Procedure Charter Edition you are always in synchronization! Use Procedure Charter Standard For Procedure or Process authoring and design and general procedural requirements so you can generate procedure manuals, and of course normal flowcharts! Typically Standard is deployed to all personnel due to its low entry cost. For greater functionality and your own report designer use Procedure Charter Professional. Add additional information/database fields with Professional PLUS! To cover all your information needs. To publish active HTML charts check out FlowBiz Net Publisher If you need a database solution with security and search with an on-line coach, check out Enterprise.

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