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Pocket AirRoute is more than a standard free calculator. It has special functions that help pilots in planning their flights. It will compute the wind triangle, plan and manage fuel consumption. Plan your Top of descent with the "VVI tab page", calculate TAS - CAS and Mach in the standard atmosphere. Convert Indicated altitude to Pressure altitude or Density altitude and vice versa. Plan a holding and determine the entry in the holding based on your heading inbound the holding fix. Convert Units. The interface has a unique design. The input is always entered via the top display. For the special functions a "line selector" is available allowing input in the relevant text box. After each input the result is IMMEDIATELY calculated. On the different tab pages, all data is consistent at all times. When Pocket AirRoute detects irrelevant input (e.g. a heading > 360°) a help message is displayed. Pocket AirRoute requires the .NET Compact framework to be installed. (See a convenient link on the main website http://airroute.net) A user manual is available for download via the main website. If you are looking for a more comprehensive desktop flightplanning tool: try the AirRoute flightplanning software for Europe. Visit the AirRoute.net website for more details.

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