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Multilayer state of the art video conferencing. PlaceCam Version 2 offers simpicity of operation, seamless and fast collaboration tools, and above all, the highest quality audio and video available in any video conferencing product. If you are part of a small group or company for whom server-based video conferencing is just not cost effective, then PlaceCam V2, with its true Peer-to Peer like communication, is for you! PlaceCam can replace your low end video or your high end video conferencing product. Team Work/Project Work When your project partners work at different locations PlaceCam V2 enables you to realize your project consultations jointly. For instance, you can share Power Point slides or Excel-tables for demonstrations and cooperations with the other participants You don't just save time, you also save money. eLearning The use of a video conferencing software can increase the effectiveness of education on the job and can reduce overall travel time. Your employees have full access to all the centrally stored streams of all sessions. They have the possibility to recall topics or catch upon failed sessions. So everybody can chose his own learning time and speed individually. Network Technology By our progressive peer to peer technology PlaceCam V2 is capable of managing multi point conferences without a central Multi Conference Unit. Collaboration PlaceCam V2 integrates application sharing and is therefore on ideal tool for joint project orientated work. You can transmit every application to any other participant. Everybody will see your applications and can take control of them.


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