Pack Witch

Project Management


Pack Witch is a companion to the program Travel Witch. You use it to create pack lists for your holyday trip, business journey, weekend hike or why not; your big adventure trip around the world. You create “base lists” with what you know is needed for a type of trip you use to do. When planning a trip you open a “base list”, fill in with new items you want to add and then save the list with a new name. Use the new list for the shopping round and the actual packing. When back from the trip, change the base list according to what you think was failing. Next time you do a similar trip you start with your updated “base list”. You can save any number of lists like base lists for fishing, camping, service trips, carpentry etc. and create any number of lists from them. List can contain weights, quantities, suppliers and even lengthy notes on every item. The items in the lists can be sorted in groups that you creates as you want them.

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