PS Bombay



PS Bombay is a database for organizing magazines and articles. Ideal for authors, free lance writers and researchers who want to store their data references in a sophisticated yet easy to use database. You can store and retrieve magazine publishers and articles, along with contact info for the magazine publishers. Sophisticated, yet easy to use, you will save time, and frustration, when retrieving data from a stack of magazines. With PS Bombay you can catalog data for Magazines, Articles and Authors. If you do research and have to read through a lot of magazines, or if you just read for pleasure and want to know where those interesting articles are located at for later use, this program was developed for you. Work smarter and be more productive. Read an article, enter the details into PS Bombay, add a keyword if you like, and then save it. You can Bookmark the article for later reference, or save an image with it as a visual reminder. Use PS Bombay to keep an overview of your magazine subscriptions – cost, expiration date, user name and password for online access. Or, if you need to communicate with an author, store his or her personal and professional data for fast reference. Designed for quick and easy data retrieval, PS Bombay offers you three different ways to find your data. And then, once you have found it, print it out using PS Bombay's professional report functions. W


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