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WEB-based Technology Accessible from virtually any place connected to Internet, no additional installation required. File and Document centralized storage. Easy file upload, disk space usage control, icon manager, convenient search tool. Personal Notes Personalized notes with text formatting features, automatic note sorting by priority levels. Event based Calendar with birthday reminders Calendar containing references to company news, holidays and birthdays, automatic birthday notification by E-mail. Eliminated document duplication OfficePinBoard does not allow storing of two or more identical (by name or by size) documents. Adjustable settings for Address Book and Personnel Forms You may add new sections and new fields to already existing in your address book and personnel forms. Easy access to company's personnel information You'll have an access to information about Any of your staff members of Any of your departments at Any given time, using search and sorting options. E-mail based information distribution to all users You can preset your E-mail distribution by destination: to all users or to specific departments or employees. Three-level access system Will protect you from losing or deleting important information. You also will have an option to separate users by access level which would simplify your administrator work.

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