Imaging and OCR Tools


Enhance E-mail and Graphical features of MS Word. Create an image which looks exactly like any part of MSWord DOC and send it by e-mail. Highly recommended for advertisement and information outspreading because images do not frighten the recipients with virus threat. Your recipient will certaily read your message regardless of their operation system and installed software. Images of .JPG and .GIF formats are compatible with all the system having Internet browsers. Your recipients get 100% virus-free messages with preserved compound formatting, exotic fonts, national characters, hieroglyphs, equations, formulas etc. Your recipient can read your message. But common text search program cannot find any words in it! Naturally, it is not high security level but it is enough nine times out of ten. You can make a good-looking document (such as an advertising or a commercial offer) and want your recipient to get your idea without any disfigurements. Send a text file containing your document content without any formatting. Special interface for ease Greeting Cards and Wallpaper creation. NEW!For multipage DOCs generate HTML index file to view created images in the Internet browser. This version keeps working after 30-days trial with some limitations


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