Manifest TimeTrap

Accounting Tools


Designed to keep track of time spent on billable and non-billable client projects so you don't have to. It can be run as a small form on your desktop or as a system tray icon. Log In/Out times by clicking the In/Out buttons on the form, the tray icon or the menu. You can even configure it to log you in on system startup and out at shutdown without having toclick anything! TimeTrap is fully configurable with default client and job types, customizable billing increments for minimum billable time and billable time increments, customizable reports, sorting and filtering functions and complete online help. TimeTrap also features a time log where you can manually add/modify/delete time records or edit records posted from the In/Out buttons. TimeTrap automatically calculates the hours worked from the In/Out times based on your configuration settings and displays/prints total hours based on the current filter.


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