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LockXLS is a new security solution for Excel. LockXLS protects your workbooks from reverse engineering, analyzing and unauthorized copying. It will help you to create trialware from your documents, and to protect logic in your spreadsheets. Main features of LockXLS: + Data in spreadsheet will be encrypted with secure 128-bit algorithm. + You can lock your spreadsheet with a: - password - trail period - hardware based key So, you can prevent unauthorized use of your Excel documents. + Activation Code Generator is included into setup package for LockXLS. + Formulas and VBA code are unavailable to user. He will not be able to view and analyse logic of your workbook. + Logic of your workbook could not be copied to other spreadsheet. + Formulas and VBA macros are unaccessible through COM Object Model. User could not write a VBA code to retrieve your formula or macro! + LockXLS protects your workbook from cracking VBA passwords and sheet passwords. + You can add your own protection message to locked workbook. + There are no limitations to workbook, which should be protected. All features of Microsoft Excel are supported by LockXLS. + Protected spreadsheet model will be as fast as original model. + LockXLS has very simple interface and will be easy to use. + Product is easy to install and uninstall.


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